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Tajikistan Cities

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dushanbe city


Tajikistan's capital Dushanbe, situated in picturesque and fertile Hissar valley at the altitude of 750-930 m. Dushanbe was founded in 1924 and remains educational, business and cultural center.
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Penjikent city


Once an important town on the Great Silk Road, Penjikent is reach with historical monuments and sights. It was an important cultural, industrial and trade center of Sogda and often referred to as Central Asian Pompeii.
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khojand city


The capital of northern Tajikistan and the second biggest town in the country after Dushanbe. Khojand is also one of oldest cities in Central Asia with history dating back to 6 century BC.
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khorog city


The capital of Gorno Badakhshan and the only settlement with status of town in Pamirs. Grew from a very tiny settlement in the past that loosely belonged to the domain of local chieftains, the Afghan Shah or the Emir of Bukhara.

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murgab city


An administrative center of Murghab district of Gorno Badakshan. Murgab's early history starts in 1893 then Russian troops began construction of Pamir post at the junction of Ak Baital and Murgab rivers and which is where Murgab village still stand.

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istaravshan city


Istravshan is an ancient center of trade and craft as well as one of the ancient cities in Central Asia. It is really a museum city with its history dating back to II-VI cc BC.

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kulyab city


Kulyab is tajik for "lake water" or "marshland". Become city in 1934 and supports a population of 85 thousand people in our days. A hometown of Emomali Rakhmonov - Tajikistan's current president.

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