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  The capital of northern Tajikistan and the second biggest town in the country after Dushanbe. Khjodjent is also one of oldest cities in Central Asia with history dating back to 6 century BC. According to a legend the city was founded by Alexander The Great 2300 years ago and was known as Alexandria Eskhata which is Greek for Alexandria The Furthest then in 6 century it was concurred by Arabs who broght Islam into the region and later destroyed by Chinghiz Khan army. A part of the Soviet history started in 1866 then the city was occupied by Russian army and was included to Russian empire territories. In 1939 the city was renamed to Leninabad and only got its original name in 1991 then Soviet Union eventually broke up.

  Strategically founded on the entrance to Fergana valley the city was always rich and flourishing being one of the most important centers ever built on the great silk road. Silk Road era left numerous palaces, great mosques and city’s citadel which to be said was destroyed during Mongol invasion as well as the rest of the city in 13 century.

  Khodjent still remain the richest city in the country producing 2/3 of all industrial production of Tajikistan. Its comfortable and relaxing city, with Jaxartes river flowing thru downtown and making local hot climate more mild. Numerous parks make Khodjenty very green and it is worth to visit and spend a day or to exploring local monuments and environs.

  The main place in oriental town is of course bazaar. Bazaar in Khodjent called Panchanbe - a typical central asian market overwhelming with goods, noises and smells. Among the other monuments worth to visit are neat mosque, madrassah and masouleum of Sheikh Massal (Muslehedding) and History museum founded in the restored towers of Khodjent fortification dated to 6-5 centuries BC.

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