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  A township in east Tajikistan and administrative center of Murghab district of Gorno Badakshan. Murgab early history starts in 1893 then Russians began construction of Pamir post at the junction of Ak Baital and Murgab rivers and which is where Murgab village still stand. By November of 1893 Russians finished defensive earthworks, a reception area with small pharmacy, an officer's wing and general canteen, along with huts for half a company, a kitchen, bakery and banya.

  In August 1894 then the works were finished a first non Russian traveler visited Murgab was a Swedish geographer, topographer, explorer, photographer, and travel writer - Sven Hedin. He described Murgab fort as follows: "In general the Pamirskiy post reminds one of a naval ship, the walls are the hull, Murgab river visible everywhere is the sea, the courtyard is the deck on which we often strolled and from which we observed with our telescopes the farthest boundaries of the vision"

  This day Murgab supports a population of 4000 people of Kyrgyz and Tajik origin and located over 3500 metres above sea level which makes it the highest town in CIS.

  Murgab itself has nothing to show the outside traveler but it is a good stop on the way to Kyrgyzstan or to explore the eastern Pamirs. On good weather days, 7546 m Muztagh Ata peak is clearly visible from the village.

  Murgab operates on Badakshan time which is an hour after Dushanbe and the same as in Kyrgyzstan GMT+5.

  Murgab's climate is rather severe with notable temperature falls even within a day. Winter season continues here from September till the end of May with average temperature of -25-35. Summer temperatures may rise up to +40. The area around Murgab has dry and desert climate with a little amount of precipitations though sometimes it may rain. The area is known for its notorious winds even during clear skies.

Things to see around Murgab includes:

  • Madian valley and hot Issyk Chachma hot springs just 40 km south of Murgab
  • Karakul lake created on the place of once landed meteorite 130 km north of Murgab.
  • Sarez lake 130 km south - west of Murgab
  • Shaimak village located just 10 km from Chinese border with stunning little Pamir views
  • Shakty paintings dated to 2500 AD
  • Zor Kul lake known in the great game time as Victoria lake

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