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  Standards of health care outside of Dushanbe are very low. Medical staff are usually knowledgeable and well trained but hospitals often lacks of modern equipment and medicines available in the west.  Travellers are advised to carry a well-equipped first-aid kit containing basic medicines and any prescriptions that they might need on their journey. For minor difficulties, visitors may visit medical unit at their hotel or ask travel agency for help. If you live, work, study or travel to Tajikistan frequently, contact your country’s embassy for a list of recommended physicians in the area. If there is no your country’s embassy in Tajikistan, The US Embassy maintains a list of medical facilities and physicians in the area. Health insurance is essential.

  Ambulance: can be reached by calling 03. The staff do not speak English, generally Russian or Tajik. You would be required to describe the symptoms to get a proper brigade as by default the ambulance is staffed with paramedics or physicians who only transport to appropriate hospital. Resuscitation, cardiology and pediatric ambulance is also available. Medical services outside of main cities are very limited.

  For major problems travelers are well advised to seek help outside of Tajikistan.

International clinics close to Tajikistan

International Clinic*TashkentUzbekistanhttp://www.tashclinic.org
International Clinic*
International Clinic*

*Clinics accept travel insurance as method of payment and can work out urgent medical evacuation.


DiseaseSpecial PrecautionsSee your doctor


3 months before travel
Hepatitis A


2 weeks before travel




1 month before travel




10 days before travel
Yellow Fever



*Precautions required depending on the season and region visited.

Please note:
-Recommendations can change at short notice and it is well advised to discuss your personal requirements with your GP in the case of doubt.
-The government of Tajikistan requires long term visitors who remain in country for more than 90 days to present a medical certificate showing that they are HIV-free, or to submit to an HIV test in Tajikistan.  HIV is a growing health threat in Tajikistan.

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