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   Tajikistan has a monopoly in the sector of telecommunications, and TajikTelecom is the main providers of telephone services with regard to stationary telephones. So, unless you're using a mobile phone, you can't really choose your provider, nor can you choose different calling plans and options. Country code: 992. International calls can be made from a telephone office which will usually be found attached to a post office; Calls can also be made from some hotels but need to be arranged through reception or the floor attendant. Many of internet cafe offers VoIP calls which will be much cheaper making international calls. Local calls within the city are free of charge if made from private telephones; hotels sometimes levy a small charge.

  You should also be aware that there are two types of telephones connections: pulse (or "analogovyi" in Russian) and tone or digital ("tsifrovoi'). This has implications when you call areas other than the one you are in. Please remember that when you're using a tone (digital or 'tsifrovoi' in Russian) line phone to call outside your area you can dial all the digits without any pausing. When you're using a pulse phone you have to wait for a beep after dialing the first zero, and then continue to dial.
   To place local calls do not dial an area code. For example, in Dushanbe a telephone number will consist of six or seven digits: 00-00-00; 000-00-00 (it is usually written this way with dashes).

Emergency phone numbers
01 -Fire Department
02 -Police
03 -Ambulance
04 -Gas Department
07 -Operator assisted long-distance calls
09 -Information Department
235-45-45 -State traffic control (GAI) duty officer

Mobile Telephone
  There are 3 major mobile operators in Tajikistan: TCell, Megafon, BeeLine. Roaming agreements exist with most international mobile phone companies but check this with your domestic operator before arrival. If you plan extensive stay in the country it might be wise to purchase a SIM card from one of eight local operators to access local tariffs rather than use your phone in roaming. Coverage is limited to the main cities and its suburbs but this improving every year. In Gorny Badakhshan coverage is getting better and most of the main roads and viallges are covered.


  There are internet cafes in the main cities, but some of them would offer computer games only. So check with administrator once you are in.  Internet can also be found in most of the hotels business centers or delivered over your mobile phone connected to PC or notebook as modem.


  Letters and parcels to Western Europe and the USA can take something between two weeks and two months. Stamps, post cards and envelopes can be purchased from post offices. Addresses should be laid out in the following order: country, postcode, city, street, house number and, lastly, the person's name. Locate sender details in right lower corner while recipient detailes in left upper corner. Postal services available include registered mail, restricted delivery, special delivery and Express mail (in Dushanbe only). Both surface and air mail are available for parcels.

Post office hours: Mon-Fri 0800-1800, Sat: 0900-1700.

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