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Tajikistan OVIR registration

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  Travelers staying in Tajikistan for the period of three days and longer are required to obtain OVIR registration stamps at the nearest Department of Visas and Registration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (OVIR).

  The holders of tourist visas are NO longer required to register with OVIR unless the entire stay in Tajikistan is over 30 days, in which case they should register with OVIR prior to the 30 day period.

  Holders of all other visa categories are required to register with OVIR within three days of arrival in Tajikistan. Some hotels however are also allowed to register their guests on behalf of the visitor.

  Please note: OVIR registration will be normally checked at departure by border control services, however police can also check it any time. Lack of OVIR registration is a subject for at least 300 USD/person fine and several days of preceeding. Departure of travelers failed to show OVIR registration stamp might be denied until after penalized travellers have paid a fine and obtained the registration stamps at OVIR.

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