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Tajikistan Invitation letter

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  Invitation letter also known as visa support is given out by Tajik MFA by request of inviting party: a company or an individual. In order to receive visa support, an inviting party submits a request with Tajik MFA in advance of the desired travel date to Tajikistan.

  Individuals travelling to Tajikistan by the invitation of a private Tajik resident (a friend or relative in Tajikistan) will be required to obtain a notification letter from OVIR before applying for visa support. Please plan it in advance as it might take something between 14 days to 45 days. Then Tajik MFA will issue Tajik visa support on the basis of the OVIR notification letter.

  Applying for visa support letter you will be asked about the way of obtaining your visa: either thru the embassy abroad or on arrival to Dushanbe International Airport. State the embassy or consulate where you plan to obtain your Tajik visa as this is very important and normally will not be changed under any circumstance as visa support is finally will be sent to the embassy you have stated in your application.

  Visa support letter usually contains the details of inviting party, traveler details, period of stay, reference number.

  Please note the invitation letter would not work if you apply for your Tajikistan visa in other country or other Tajikistan embassy than stated in your Tajikistan visa support letter.

  You normally should receive a copy of visa support from inviting party so you can provide it at the embassy or consulate in case they experience communication problems with their head office or claim they didn't get one for your name.

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