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Tajikistan Tours

Silk Road

Tajikistan Jeep tours and rentals

Adventure tours accross Pamirs - The Roof of the World. Tours along M41 "Pamir Highway" and Wakhan corridor of Tajikistan. Jeep rentals for self-guided parties.

motorbike tours in tajikistan

Motorcycle Tours and rentals

Enduro tours and bike rentals in Tajikistan: Explore Central Asia by bike and ride dusty gravels of Pamir Highway and Wakhan roads.

bycicle tours in Tajiksitan

Bike Tours and rentals

Bicycle Tours, bike rentals and private expeditions support in Tajikistan: Pamir Highway and Wakhan.

Tajikistan mountaineering expeditions

Tajikistan Mountaineering Expeditions

Mountaineering expeditons to the highest peaks of Tajikistan and Ex-USSR. Peak Communism of 7495 m and Peak Korjenevkoy of 7105 m.

tours to afghan wakhan

Afghan Wakhan Tours
Tours in Afghan Wakhan. Cultural visits to Ssmall and Grand Pamirs as well as trekking itineraries in the upper reaches of Wakhan valley.

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