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Nurek Dam

nurek dam tajikistan   Nurek Dam built in 1980 on the Vakhsh River 75 km east of Tajikistan's capital Dushanbe. It is currently the tallest dam in the world with highest point located 310 m above its basement. The mound volume is 54 mln m3. The collected waters rotate nine hydroelectric turbines and produce most of Tajikistan's 4.0 GW hydroelectric generating capacity, which meets 98% of the nation's electricity needs.

  The water reservoir formed by the Nurek Dam, known as Nurek lake, is the largest artificial reservoir in Tajikistan with a capacity of 10.5 km³. The lake is 70 km long and about 1,3 km across. The surface area is 98 km2 .

  The water is also used for irrigation of 700 km2 of farmlands located in neighborhood and delivered to the fields though 14 kilometers long the Dangara irrigation tunnel. There is small Nurek township with tree lined streets located near the dam and mostly inhabited by staff serving the Nurek power plant. The lake is a popular week end destination with locals and so the road from Dushanbe might by quite busy. nurek water resevoir in tajikistan

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