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Muhammad Bashoro Mausoleum

muhammad bashoro mausoleum in Mazari Sharif Tajikistan   Muhammad Bashoro born in Basra in 743 was a missionary and teller of Khadises - the legends of deeds and pronouncements of Prophet Muhammad and his associates.

  The mausoleum was built in 8-9 cc AD with some additions in 1342-43 and suppose to merge mosque functions with memorial mausoleum. Mausoleum has a fine dome decorated with glazed tiles and some wood carving. Inside is a high ceiling area with a tree trunk used as a centerpiece and mihrab – a niche orientated towards Mekka and decorated with tiny ornamental and calligraphic writings.
  However it is not exactly known if Muhammad Bashoro died in 866, is indeed buried in this mausoleum.

   The building lay out is usual for mosques rather than mausoleums this is also confirmed by mihrab in the wall. Later someone was buried in here, but it was not Bashoro as he died later and the mosque was turned to mausoleum while a few other rooms were built and attached to the main building and used as mosques. In XIV century a new portal was built over and the entrance location was changed again.
bulunkul lake in pamirs
bulunkul lake in pamirs   There are numerous dark and low corridors going inside of the wall at hillside which also had unclear purpose, some think these are cells for fasting where prayers stayed 40 days in full isolation the others say it was used to keep the moistures out of the main building. In anyway the monument needs a deep research which might help to clear the things out.

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