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Marguzor lakes

marquzor lakes in fann mountains of pamirs   Marquzor lakes also known as "seven beauties of Shing" located in Hissar range of Fann Mountains about 50km from Penjikent. 

  The old legend says that a long time ago an old man got lost in the valley and his seven daughters came to look for him. Nobody respond to their call and the man was never found so the girls sat along the

narrow trail and cried. Tears filled the valley up and girls drown. They died but 7 lakes, beautiful and different like 7 girls, remind us about the case. All of them were really beautiful but the most beautiful was the youngest - Mijgon, and the first lake then you enter the valley at 1640 m got the same name and considered to be the most beautiful among the others.

  You can trust the legend or scientists who say that there was less tragedy in the story and the lakes were created as a result of frequent earthquakes or mud slides that sealed off the Shing river in the past. 

  The lakes are mostly filled with melted waters received from the glaciers in the upper reaches of the valley. 

marquzor lakes in fann mountains of pamirs

  Lakes appear in the following succession:  Mijgon at 1640 m,  Saya at 1740 m,  Gushor,  Nofin at 1820 m, Hurdak at 1870 m, Marguzor at 2140 m and Hazorchashma.

marquzor lakes in fann mountains of pamirs To be honest they all in fact very different, changing the colors from turquoise to green, blue and even black depending on sun position in the sky. The only thing the lakes are similar is the crystal clear water with bottoms in full view. Marquzor lakes are very popular with locals arriving for a weekend including the president of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon who said to have his summer residence here.

  Also a few trekking routes pass the lakes across the mountain passes of Hissar range.

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