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Bulunkul lake

bulunkul lake in pamirs   Bulunkul is another alpine lake of Tajik Badakhshan located at the altitude of 3734 m above sea level. Bulunkul lake is connected with Yashilkul lake by narrow channel. The water is fresh and has rich flora and fauna. A flocks of ducks, geese and sea gulls are always can be seen over the lake. Bulunkul lake is the first basin at Pamirs were fishing was introduced to locals and now from May thru October the

fishermen set their nets near the rivers mouths flow in to the lake catching osman and marinka.

  The lake's area is also known for being one of the coldest places in Central Asia, the lowest temperature here was registered here at -63 Centigrade.

  The best time to visit is July-September. Nearby the lake is a Bulunkul village with homestay available for travellers.

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