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Afghan Wakhan Extention

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1 Day: Tajik Ishkashim - Afghan Ishkashim - Qazi Deh
Cross border to Afghanistan by 9:00 a.m. While our man on the ground arranges all necessary registrations and permits we sample the bazaar and the local tea houses. After Permits and registrations are done we drive 15km to Qazi Deh and stay over night in this village in a guesthouse owned by the village headman. We explore the village in the evening and meet the famous and friendliness Wakhi people as they will be busy with ploughing fields. In The evening we will arrange traditional music & food for you.

2 Day: Qazi Deh - Noshak valley
Today we explore the valley leading to Noshaq, Afghanistan's highest mountain 7492 m with some stunning views and superb snow leopard habitat, overnight in tents enjoying the views of Noshak peak dominating over the area.

3 Day: Noshak valley - Qazi Deh
After breakfast we trek downstream to Qazi Deh where we spend another night before returning to Ishkashim and Tajikistan.

4 Day: Qazi Deh - Afghan Ishkashim - Tajik Ishkashim
Trek or ride 15 km back to Ishkashim. Cross to Tajikistan, meet vehicle. Onward travel.

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