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  The holidays listed and described here are official Tajikistan holidays. There are 64 holidays in total but many of them related to professions etc and would not be described here as they are not taken as official days off. All government agencies and services, universities, schools, banks and most businesses would be closed on these days. Please note if a holiday falls on day off like Saturday or Sunday, the first following work day also becomes a day-off.

Event DateRemarks

New Year's Day

1 Jan

One of the most notable holidays that celebrates the start of the New Year. A celebrating way is close to western Christmas. Christmas trees, gifts, fireworks. Visits to relatives and friends.

Int. women's Day

8 Mar

Flowers, perfume and chocolate for women. The males do all house works. Women also get special attention and usually receive flowers and gifts.


21-24 Mar

Navruz marks the beginning of the Persian New Year, which starts at the spring equinox then day time is equal in lenth with night. Probably the most notable holiday for Persian nationalities. Celebrated from 3000 bc till present days. Family celebrations. Street festivals. Visiting friends and relatives.

Labour Day

1 May

Labor Day, commemorating Tajikistani workers.

Victory Day

9 May

Commemoration of Soviet Union victory over Germany in WWII. Military Parade. Greeting veterans. Fireworks.

National Conciliation Day

27 Jun

A day commemorating the end of Civil war in Tajikistan in 1998.

Independence Day

9 Sept

Commemoration of independence from Soviet Union. Street festivals, fireworks.

Constitution day

6 Nov

Not much special happening aroung.

Note: Some Muslim festivals fall on different dates every year. Like Idi Ramazon and Idi Kurbon are timed according to local sightings of various phases of the moon.

Idi Romazon

Begins the first day of the month of Ramadan in the Islamic calendar, a month of daytime fasting. The fast is observed as a celebration of thanksgiving as well as a way of gaining social empathy- feeling the pain of those less fortunate people who do not have enough food.

Idi Kurbon

The feast of Breaking Fast, the end of Ramadan. People organize big feasts and celebrate with family and friends.

In addition to official holidays and days-off there are also some popular holidays that are celebrated by local folks.

Feb 14. St.Valentine's Day

A day to exchange love cards between couples and friends to show how much you appreciate your second half. Mostly celebrated by young people.

Apr 1.
April Fool's Day

A day for playing harmless jokes on friends and relatives.

Note: International organizations and foreign embassies are closed on both Tajik and their respective national holidays. Make sure you plan your visits to places and other activities in advance.

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