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Yashilkul lake

yashilkul lake in badakhshan Yashikul lake is a fresh water body located in Gorno Badakhshan region of Tajikistan at 3700 metres above sea level. Being 50 metres deep at its deepest point, Yashikul lake is 19 km long and from 1 to 4 km across. The water temperature on surface never goes higher +14 Centigrade. The water is clean and transparent and so it is possible to observe an aquatic life. The lake feeds the small village of only 25 - 30

houses with trout and marinka fish all the year round.

  The lake was created by a mud slide that sealed off Alichur river in ancient time. The dam is 4 km long and 100 metres thick. The water poured over the south edge gives the beginning to Gunt river- one of Pyanj feeders.

  The mouth of Alichur river is swampy and therefore bushed with sedge; it is the most shallow, east side of the lake. Near here is a sulphur hot spring of Issyk Bulak with +71 degrees centigrade water.

  Local Kyrgyz herders believe the lake is a home for a huge and magic animal - "Tuya Suu" - the water camel.

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