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Garm Chashma hot springs

garm chashma hot spring near khorog   Based 42 km south east of Khorog at 2325 metres above sea level, Garm Chashma is a hot spring known since time immemorial. The spring is a least several thousand years old and by now exist as a huge travertine mound going in cascades down to the river.  Cascades are bright white, yellow and brown and look like a curved range of 1,5 km long, 35-45 meters wide and from 7 to 35 meters high. The

water comes out from a depth of the earth in form of micro geysers from 10 sm to 1,5 meters high. The flow rate is 7-10 litres a second.

  Water contains chalky-calcium balls of 0,5-4 sm in diameter along with chalky-plaster sediment. This sediment creates chalky runs - a travertine mound with a few natural pools at the bottom.  The biggest pool surface is 20 sq metres and it is 0,5 meter deep.  The water contains high proportion of hydrogen sulphide, silicone acid and carbon acid along with iron, aluminum, magnesium, strontium, fluorine Garm Chashma hot spring near Khorog

and other elements. The waters temperature is + 62 Centigrade at output and from +38 to +50 Centigrade in the pools.

   The place is very popular with locals as well as pilgrims from other areas.  The Garm Chashma waters provide a curative affect for those with skin and other health problems. A small sanatorium is attached to hot springs as well as many cafes.

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