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Fann mountains

fann mountains in pamirs

 Fann mountains or shortly Fanns - is a unique mountain area known in ancient times as "Kuhistan". Kuhistan is Farsi word for "Mountainous Country".

  Fann mountains are based in Central Asia, mostly on the territory of Tajikistan's Soghd region, in conjunction of two great ranges of Pamirs: Zeravshan and Hissar.

  Fann mountains are indeed amazing and completely unique mountain area sometimes referred to as the Gem of Pamirs for its emerald green and turquoise lakes, surrounded by evergreen juniper grooves and gorgeous show capped peaks - a huge bright and natural necklace. In Fanns, on rather small territory there are more than 30 pure and variegated lakes of different size and shape.

  These days Fan Mountains are a popular tourist destination and weekend spot with locals. Its also a great trekking and climbing destination.
  The highest peaks in the region: Chimtarga (5,487m), Chapdara (5,050m), Bodkhona (5,138m), Zamok (5,070m), Maria (4,970m), Mirali (5,120m), and Zindon (4,800m).
fann mountains in pamirs

   Fann Mountains has rich flora and fauna which is fairly unique and diverse. There are more than 2,000 species of plant, including many known curative herbs. High vegetation includes:  walnut, poplar, birch, sallow, hawthorn, sea-buckthorn, barberry, dog-rose, and currant bushes.

alautding lake in fann mountains in pamirs

  The fauna is represented by snow leopard, bear, mountain goat , Marco Polo sheep, wild boar, wolf, fox, rabbit, marmot etc. As for birds, there are mountain geese, snowcock, partridges, pigeons, eagles, gryphons, hawks and many others.
   Best time to visit is June thru October. Slopes prone to avalanches make it dangerous during winter months.

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